Does life feel like a tight rope?


The Experiential Studio provides systems-informed trauma-focused counselling, art therapy, and peer consult grounded in anti-oppression, our collective lived experiences, and the belief in the person you are.

Why counselling?

Counselling to me is this process of connecting with our true selves and all of our resources and experiences without fearing or shaming any parts of us.

Counselling may include

  • getting liberated from internalized expectations
  • changing acquired, long-standing patterns
  • building relationships with overwhelming emotions and reactions rather than being overrun by them
  • mastering the difference between surrendering to oppression and navigating the oppressive systems
  • creating relationships where you finally feel heard and seen.

I honour people’s various therapeutic relationships in their lives: with music, some family members, some friends, hobbies, arts, pastime, coping/nurturing methods, nature, pets, culture, job, yourselves. My aim is not to replace or displace them but to come as a note in a cord, in harmony.

What does counselling look like?

Counselling is a work with a human, and no two people need the exact same therapy. Generally, we would explore goals and plan for the therapy together because you are the expert of your contexts and goals. Drawing from my diverse life experiences and clinical knowledge, I have a knack for seeing moment to moment how people connect or disconnect with themselves. Using me as a mirror, this process can support you in figuring out how to find safety in living as your entire person.

Here is something you haven’t seen somewhere else: Another benefit of counselling with me is an opportunity to be liberated from the society’s norms. We all talk about how toxic and oppressive “norms” are but rarely about how to beat it. So, here it goes: Being just the two of us, we are the norm. What would you feel and do if it weren’t for all these societal expectations, stigma, and oppression?

In these processes, some skills I have could be useful, such as EMDR, art therapy, W.A.R.A., Flash, attention control, CBT, DBT skills. behaviour therapies, and the knowledge of the society and systemic power structures.


Please review the practice info for your informed consent. If you book by email, please be informed that your name and email address are used to set up an account for all virtual appointments. Please email ahead if you have any questions.

Online Counselling or online art therapy $140 for a 60-minute session or $210 for a 90-minute session.

A limited number of free counselling and half-cost counselling spots are available. Please inquire at

Consulting: $85 – $120 / hour

Initial Meeting: Free – Please click here to review the practice info for providing your informed consent before booking from the client portal.

For any questions about the process of counselling and/or just to get a sense of how it feels to sit with me, please feel free to book an initial meet. As my booking site only shows some default availability for initial consult, please feel free to suggest other date/time to


The Experiential Studio is low-VOC, fragrance-free, strobe-reduced, quiet, and low-stimuli. Any sudden or intense stimuli are introduced with consent of the participants. Examples of these stimuli include a meditation bell, strobe lights, pulsers, vivid colours, smells and smoke, textures, or bright lights.

I do not have the training to offer disability and chronic illness as a specialty, but I welcome Disabled participants and participants with disabilities if you choose to work with me.

I have familiarity with neuro-diversity, sensitivity/allergies, stimuli sensitivity/overwhelm, autism, mTBI, developmental disabilities, FASD, and chronic pain. However, presentations greatly vary, and I invite you to inquire if I am a fit for you.

Meet Tamaki

Why am I telling you so much about me? I have this fundamental belief that we deserve to be served by people from our own community. We cannot expect our own oppressors to be helpers. We should not have to spend our money and time educating a professional who hasn’t invested their money and time in learning about us.

I’m Kanō, Tamaki [鹿野環 | they/them/theirs]. My given name is Tamaki. I am complicit in the occupation of the unceded stolen Indigenous territories on Turtle Island, colonially called “Canada,” and I currently occupy the unceded homelands of the Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh, xʷməθkʷəy̓əm, and Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw Peoples without their consent.

I am ethnically Japanese, culturally Japanese, societally Asian, politically a Person of Colour, and a colonizer/settler. I am gay, transgender, trans non-binary, artist, disabled / accessibility-barriered, neuro-diverse, middle-aged, and a proud odd-ball.

Some background. One, I have been through some stuff too and I go to counselling too. Two, I have lived out in various employments and contexts, battling the systems and people in them, and I know how incredibly disempowering it is and how often our rights are trampled upon. Three, I can thoroughly participate in analysis of power, decentre myself, address my privilege, and hold a calling-in. Four, I see beauty in humanity, not in so-called perfection. I hold inside and outside together, light and dark together, and joy and sorrow together, and see you and me for who we are. Finally, I believe you. You do not have to work to convince me of your experience. You do not have to educate me on your validity. You will not have to fight me for the reality of this world. (On that note, typically within activism and marginalization, we have our own norms and ways of talking and showing respect. Please feel free to book a consult and test me out to see if you feel like I’m one of you.)

A photo of an Asian person with a very short dark brown hair and a smile. They are wearing a white sweater with a standing collar and standing against a white concrete wall.


I think my foundational skill is that I really really really deeply wholly listen. I understand what you tell me with your own contexts and worldviews, and I witness the ways of feeling that may not be said out loud.

The second skill I find very helpful is that I have a perspective on what is considered “normal.” I come from a very different culture, and I initially got really sucked into this society’s ways of thinking because I was unprepared. And I went through a big and exciting process of unlearning and reclaiming my own self, culture, and political being.

I am privileged to support people with training in the following: EMDR, “trauma therapist” training, art therapy, WARA, and existential therapy. MI, ACT, DBT, CBT, other behaviour theories, if requested. All are grounded in my anti-oppressive, trauma-informed view.

I tend to be approached by people with experience of marginalization because of my lived experience and knowledge of systems. But I also welcome people in race, class, cis-het, or non-disabled privilege working to unlearn white supremacy.

In my spare time, I talk to my people, see my counsellor, make art, wander the Northshore hills, and try to outsmart my dog who is really good at training me.


All questions are welcome, and I typically answer within two business days. My account is encrypted, but please be mindful not to include any private personal information or specific details in the first contact.

Please use this contact form or send an email to

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The Existential Studio occupies the unceded, traditional, ancestral lands of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), and Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish), colonially known as Vancouver.

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