Social location code switching

There is this very strong trend right now. It is when people switch between two sets of language, pathos, moral, and ideology depending on how they position on that specific topic.

When marginalized (eg a non-white person on the topic of racism), they have all the anti-oppressive lingo and analysis of systemic and personal complicity. They can name every toxic interaction including “speaking over,” silencing, erasure, willful ignorance as abuse of privilege, and use of pathos / victimhood to vilify the accuser.

And when they are privileged on the same topic, they switch to doing the exact set of things they named above to those who are marginalized. Is it just a really convincing form of hypocrisy? Or is it more complex than that, eg a survival mechanism.

This is so difficult to call out because of the cognitive dissonance. The way to overcome this is to really talk about it.

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