“Meet them where they’re at”

This is a phrase that’s most often misinterpreted to a harmful degree. It is in fact so misunderstood that people around them don’t catch it.

I’ve been wondering about a way to explain this, and I think these photos bridges it. [photo credit https://twitter.com/audrawilliams/status/1500669564711014401?s=21%5D

A large poster at entrance of office building with “miss sweat pants yet?”
Two large posters at the entrance of an office building. One with “seriously, we missed you” and the other right next to it with “bet your dog is missing you.”

Many real life examples are not quite this obvious. But they all have the same theme – they’re seeing them where they’re at, but not “meeting” them where they’re at.

“Meeting” is the act of putting yourself in their shoe. Not just observe and describe the struggles of the other person – that’s taunting. But seek to find validity in what they’re feeling.

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