I support people working to overcome familial / childhood, cultural, social, interpersonal, or systemic trauma, particularly chronic trauma such as authoritarian parenting, -isms (such as racism, ableism), neurotypical-normativity, unhealthy relationships, and conditional “love.”

a closer up of the moss-covered base of a tree in a forest

Some of you may wonder if your situation meets the threshold of “trauma.” For how I am using the term here, yes. Trauma may be a series of events, or it may not be any events but the way people treated you as less-than. The trauma presentation is very personal. It could show up as anxiety, intense emotional reactions, lack of emotional responses, depression, internal(ized) conflicts, difficulty with trust (too much or too little), neurodivergent masking exertion, and/or even a sense of constant confusion.

I also support people working to unlearn racism, ableism, transphobia, xenophobia, classism, and other -isms. This ideology forms a great portion of the society we live in, and it is likely integrated into the worldviews of people living in it at a deep level. A person who genuinely desires to unlearn these biases and reduce their harms deserve an honest, confidential space to process it.

More specifically,

  • Reducing or managing anxiety, depression, dysregulation symptoms
  • Developing insight into surviving and thriving,
    • Living authentically vs giving up privilege/safety.
    • aligning with power for survival vs. resistance / fighting for equity
    • authentic self in a cultural, religious, or corporate contexts
    • Healing / managing trauma of systems (systemic racism, systemic ableism), including the society as the system.
  • Reducing, mitigating, or managing symptoms of trauma, shifting trauma from an obstacle to wisdom.
  • Unlearning -isms, cultural and/or internal
  • developing confidence and mastery to protect from new trauma
  • Developing a health relationship to conforming, Neurospicy-(un)masking, and complicity in the systems.