One of the most important fundamentals of counselling is that it is healing of and by relationships. So, the first important specialty I offer is connection. It may be because we share intersectionalities. It may be due to my experience with healed and healing trauma. Maybe because I listen deeply and differently. But it is ultimately for you to assess our connection. Please feel invited to book an initial consult to check it out.

a closer up of the moss-covered base of a tree in a forest

The second specialty is that I come from a culture that engages with cognition, body / somatic, spiritual, people, and time differently, and it allows me to hold an embodied space where non-verbal communication is acknowledged and appreciated. Third, my knowledge of power dynamics, eg. how differently negotiations, setting boundaries, and accessing resources may look in different contexts. My analysis benefits from the decades of resistance by those who have come before me combined with years of my own lived experience. Forth, I show up to democratic actions (eg. protests, petitions, fundraising, organizing, etc). For me to call myself anti-oppressive and harm reducing, I have to live it by participating in the effort for a more just society. Lastly, I have training in and offer the following modalities: EMDR, trauma-informed, body-centered, person-centred / Rogerian, CBT, DBT, art therapy, existential, and culturally sensitive.