What does a session look like?

The basic approach is for you and me to co-create an optimum-for-you space for healing, and customizing sessions for you already starts there. For instance, if people interrupt you a lot, you and I may create lots of space for you. If you are in choice fatigue, I will offer more structure. How the session feels is a therapeutic intervention.

One constant is me, my training, and how I interact with you and the space that (hopefully) feels different from the status quo of the society. Partly it is because of my culture. We, for the lack of better word, exist differently. A lot of our feeling adjectives are onomatopoeia of the body sensations. We feel and engage with time and generations differently, and we have an active relationship with negative spaces. Another part is because I have done a lot of work to unlearn the assumptions, implicit biases, and supremacist ideology.

tiled stairs surrounded by shrubs and trees in a marbled light from trees above

For most people, because we tend to operate around thoughts and reason in day-to-day, I will likely at some points suggest a different way of being. This may relate to art, attention, processing, body-centred / somatic, or “mindfulness” (Don’t worry – you and I will only pick the ones that you want to try).

I am trained in talk therapy, art therapy, EMDR, DBT, CBT, body-centred psychotherapy, ACT, and trauma-informed therapy.