One of the most important fundamentals of counselling is that it is healing of and by relationships (“rapport”). So, the first important specialty I offer is my lived experience as a trans, queer, migrant, Asian, settler of colour with healed and healing trauma who experience neurodiversity and accessibility barriers (invisible / non-apparent disability). I am one of you in varying degrees. You do not have to take on the emotional labour of education.

Also, I believe most people of any identity struggle from some form of disempowerment and may can benefit from this way of holding a space. We will reclaim the space together.

a closer up of the moss-covered base of a tree in a forest

The second specialty is my knowledge of how this capitalist, supremacist, colonial society works. I have read about the status quo ideology, done a lot of unlearning of implicit assumptions, but also struggled in this society from many perspectives. I have twenty years of experience working in various positions from a labourer to a low-level manager, and I have experienced overt and covert ways people and systems can harm individuals and groups.

Third, I grew up in a culture that engaged with cognition, body / somatic, spiritual, and time differently than here. I not only experience myself as a whole but also interact with the world and people around me in an embodied whole-person way. Especially with the rise in awareness of somatic / body-based therapies, I am pleased to offer fluency in the non-verbal as a specialty.

Forth, I show up as a community member. You would see me at protests, marches, organizing, etc. When I say there are good people and I am hopeful for the future, I am speaking from evidence not toxic positivity.

Lastly, I have training in and offer the following modalities: EMDR, body-centered, CBT, DBT, art therapy, existential, and culturally sensitive.