Why Counselling?

In today’s society, there are a lot of mixed messages, moving goal posts, the climate crisis and plague, and different people wanting different things for us or from us.

a stack of paint swatches fanned out

Meeting all of the expectations set by the society, loved ones, and ourselves, while trying to live life to the fullest and also yarning to be yourself is way too much and won’t be pretty.

So what are we supposed to do to do well, be safe, and also be ourselves? How are we supposed to feel better? And how do we get there? To me, that is counselling.

To me it is this process of connecting with our true selves and all of our desires, motivations, joys, sorrows, wisdom, and resources including the knowledge and skills. It is the process of getting to know yourself and discovering that you are enough. Some of parts of us have been silenced or stigmatized, some of that are in overdrive or shutdown from past trauma, and some of that are untapped. And that’s why everyone’s counselling process has to be customized to each.